Wine Cellaring

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About our Wine Cellaring

A treasured bottle of wine often represents a story, a memory or a special moment that’s yet to come. It may be that you first enjoyed it with someone you care about, you have the perfect bottle saved for a future event, you’re storing it as an investment or you just have a colourful story about how you obtained it and are waiting for the perfect moment to pop the cork.  

No matter why you may have bought it, your wine is a valuable and treasured asset and storing it correctly is absolutely vital to ensure that your best bottle only improves with age. We at Kennards are wine enthusiasts ourselves, which is why we offer specialised wine storage which provides the ideal environment for long­term wine storage. Being an old family business, Kennards knows from experience that good things come to those who wait, and wine storage is our favourite example. If you haven’t already experienced it for yourself, trust us
when we say that few things are more rewarding or delicious than a great bottle of wine you have matured yourself.

Our wine storage is temperature controlled, humidity regulated and free of any light exposure. It’s kept completely secure in specialised cellars and can only be accessed by you. Storing your wine with us also means that you’ll have 24/7 access to it ­ because you never know when the perfect moment might arise. No matter what size the collection or how long you want to store it, Kennards is the ultimate wine storage solution.

We now have two purpose built Wine Cellar at Mt Eden in Auckland and Thorndon Wellington. You can now easily enjoy the benefits of your own dedicated cellar space.

Private Lock Up Cellars

At Kennards Wine Storage your wine is stored in your own personal cellar.

Your own personal cellar, no one else can touch, see or move your wine. This gives you great peace of mind. We have a range of sizes so you can grow (or shrink) your collection easily. Most small cellars (8,12,24,48 case capacity) are only 2 case deep, making access really easy. 

Easy Monthly Rental With No Extra Charges

No annual contracts. No penalty for vacating early. No handling fees. All we have is a simple monthly rental.