Kennards are the Business Storage Specialists

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Business Storage Specialists

At Kennards we don’t only have commercial self storage, we have Business Service Centres which are fully equipped with a range of specialised commercial services to help you to run your business straight from our facilities. That means no more hefty office rental fees and no more cramped home office, with Kennards you can operate your entire business from a specialised storage unit.

Whether you’re looking for a space to launch your new enterprise or are simply looking for a quiet and convenient office space; Kennards Business Storage has just the right solution for you. Imagine having your own office space, incredibly low rent, no fixed lease, full access to WIFI, meeting rooms, coffee facilities and more. Or picture freeing up your current office space by putting those extra shelves and furniture in a 24 hour access storage facility. With no fixed lease we are incredibly flexible and perfect for that small business, one man operation or awkward interim period.

With a Kennards storage unit or mini warehouse you can change the way you work and cut back on both costs and wasted space. Our goal is to help make your business and work life more convenient, organised, flexible and affordable and with our commercial storage space you can do just that. It’s everything you would expect from an office, without the costs or the commitment.

Interested in revolutionising the way you work? Request a quote or give us a call and let’s chat about finding the perfect office space or commercial storage unit for your business.